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Unused Obstacles

I feel like we’ve had this before, but if so I can’t find it!

I started this though mainly with Kunoichi in mind. I was going through Sasukepedia the other day because it’s been awhile and I no longer just automatically remember exactly what each course looked like. Anyway, I went to Kuno 7 and remembered that it had the Stage Three with unattempted obstacles - those springy balls following directly from Domino Hill and then the huge inverted rock wall to end the stage.

Because of the Kunoichi 8 format change and no one reaching these in Kuno 7, they have gone completely unattempted and will likely never be seen again now. They both looked interesting, and the final walk obstacle looked like one of the hardest Kunoichi would’ve ever had (although we can’t see much of it, except for a few far-off shots that I guess were taken from the course intro).

I’m also reminded of the Skywalk in Sasuke 19 that was unused as a result of the terrible results and then replaced. Also, the Sending Climber and Swing Circle that were used in Stage Three of very difficult tournaments and therefore unused.

I think there’s also the Final Stage following Yuuji’s win in Sasuke 24 that wasn’t ever used because it was modified to be easier in Sasuke 27.

And going to America, you could kind of say this happened to Cane Lane 2.0 thanks to the Angry Birds fiasco. Though that’s a bit less of a legitimately unseen obstacle.

Can you think of any more of these obstacles that were there but never got to be used? I feel like I’ve named the big ones, but I suppose I could be missing something obvious. Do you think these shows should remove obstacles that never got any use? I’ve read things saying that the course shouldn’t change at all until someone wins which sounds a bit extreme to me, but I could see an argument for not changing an obstacle before it is used.

I do get the rationale in most cases though, but I do wonder win they did it in the instance of the Skywalk. Also, while I get why they did it for the Final Stage in 27, I disagree with that one - not necessarily because it was used, but because the Final Stage shouldn’t change until a win. I feel the same about things that are obvious nerfs - like putting a platform between the UCCH & Vertical Limit (even if it was probably necessary!).

So… talk about unused obstacles.

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