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Tournament 39 aired earlier, I'll summarize brief thought here (spoilers ahead obviously!):

First Stage had a minor modification of the Silk Slider and brought back the Double Warped Wall. Played out as expected until the rain hit late on, the final 3 competitors couldn't get up the wall because it was wet - the rain here seemed to unfairly impact people's chances to the extent that I wasn't surprised when the reigning champ failed the wall. If I'm honest I'm bored of this stage 1 now, certainly the first 3 obstacles need to change but I'd preferably like the stage rebuilt from the ground up. It won't be. We won't even get the 3 new obstacles. Anyway 14 clears on this stage in all.

Second Stage was unchanged (but apparently the Rolling Log was nerfed). Honestly I've been enjoying this stage more since they added Rolling Log but do think everything between that and the conveyor would benefit from changes. Last tournament we had a really good results spread on this stage, it increased noticably this time: 9/14 cleared the stage. I'm fine with that as we got to see more of...

Third Stage. Two changes to this stage: the 2nd and 4th Sidewinder were made to rotate on a motor, and the planet bridge was replaced as obstacle 3 by the Swing Edge (a close but slightly different copy of ANW's Falling Shelves). Both changes really added to the stage and made for an entertaining third stage from start to finish. The best result came from former finalist Tatsuya Tada, who fell on the third and final ledge of Vertical Limit.

Almost everyone seems to have a different take in this tournament. I'd say it was decent but not standout. As the stages progressed, the show gradually got better. Considering the first stage takes up the majority of the broadcast time, its lack of change across back to back tournaments really drags the start of the show down. I didn't even watch the first hour of broadcast this year because I knew 2 hours of Stage 1 would already be enough. The second stage was edited into a fairly quick segment as usual so its lack of change isn't so noticable. Stage 3 is exactly how it needs to be, can't ask for anything more of it.

In all, an enjoyable way to spend my time. The point I'd like to end on is where we saw change, the show really benefitted from it - so I do hope that we see a couple of changes for the next tournament + hopefully early in the course.
28/Dec/21, 8:51 pm Link to this post    PM Takeshi1
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I stupidly started reading this first thing the other morning without thinking about spoilers, so I have a feeling I know what will happen, but stopped reading before anything concrete was said so that’s good.

Now to find somewhere to watch this!

Keshi Heads
4/Jan/22, 5:36 am Link to this post    PM Messup434


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