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Women's Championship

I finally started an episode topic! emoticon
18/May/21, 8:55 pm Link to this post    PM Takeshishouldbea Sumoguard
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Re: Women's Championship

Anyone have anything to say about this?

There's a lot I should be doing right now rather than writing a full review, but I will say I enjoyed it overall.

I was also pleasantly surprised that they mixed and matched obstacles from different episodes (rather than just using the obstacles that remained from Finals). One new obstacle would've made it really good, but I appreciated the changes enough anyway.

It was also interesting to see the modifications they made to make the obstacles just a bit easier. Also notice how Corkscrew went from one of the hardest to one of the easier with the resting bar between!

The results were all pretty surprising to me, which made for a good episode. Most of the ladies who reached the Power Tower would not have been my first guesses!

I'd say it was probably better than most USA Vs. The World eps.

Keshi Heads
24/May/21, 10:40 pm Link to this post    PM Messup434


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