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Conflicting information on TVDB

I've acquired the episodes and I'm willing to share them with fellow Keshi Heads. The problem is that I'm unsure about releasing them with their "E01-E13" file names. This is because on the TVDB the series is listing as having eight main episodes and two specials. I'm very confused because I have no information on which the specials should be. The specials are shown as having the same airdates as the first two main episodes. There's more than ten episodes in total anyway.

Anybody know what's up with that, or is the information on TVDB just incorrect? emoticon

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Re: Conflicting information on TVDB

You're talking about the first series from last year right? That's the only one I'm aware of them having, but I know they were filming early on this year.

If you're talking about the first series then it was definitely 13 episodes, with all being regular and 43-or-so minutes in length. I was going to say they're freely available on the Alhosn website, but just checked and looks like they've been removed (that must've happened pretty recently as I checked a couple of months ago). So good to know you have them!

If you're talking about a possible second series then 1) I'm about to combust with excitement and 2) I have no idea!

Guessing it's the first though as the show does have a pretty heavy social media presence, and I've been following it as closely as possible emoticon. Hope we get to see that second series one day. Either way, thank you for the offer and I may take you up at some point. emoticon

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