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Discord Server?

Maybe we could make a Discord server in order to talk to each other more easily?
11/Aug/19, 6:24 pm Link to this post    PM Deefect
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Re: Discord Server?

Discord? We've tried this in the past, and few made the jump to the server (myself included, as I have had bad experiences with them).

The forum and site have just been redone and should be pretty easy to access (at least with internet). The forum has a chat room and private messaging system if you wish to use that, and several sections where you can chat about stuff unrelated to Takeshi's Castle.

Several other forums I frequent have tried this and basically syphoned all activity off of the forum's themselves by creating a Discord account.

Also, forums archive everything from the past, which means this forum holds a lot of valuable stuff (TC-wise and otherwise).

Anyway, you're more than welcome to give it a go if you want.

Keshi Heads
12/Aug/19, 1:24 am Link to this post    PM Messup434


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