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posticon Smashalot!

This one should top your "I didn't expect to see that today" list (at least if you've seen Splatalot before). Today, MarbleMedia released six digitals "episodes" of Smashalot, which is basically YouTubers/past contestants destroying the already decaying Splatalot set emoticon It's really sad in a way as I remember watching it in 2011 and being so in love with it - but it kind of deserved its fate with how samey each episode was. Plus, it's so cool to see Agnew and Gildar (*bows down*) again. Again, this is so surreal to see emoticon

Pretty cool explosions for the pyromaniacs of Keshi Heads, and a really strange throwback for the Splatalotmaniacs of Keshi Heads (sadly, I don't think either of these groups are represented at all on this forum emoticon ).

I'm guessing the final reason they listed for doing this in the first video is the biggest. It did seem kind of dangerous to have people wandering around the set and police guarding it at all times. Wonder if the "buildings" reason is true, or if they'll just fill in the pit and leave it an empty field. You would think, if they wanted buildings, they would just film in the field behind the set, but I guess that would be an eyesore (unless you're me and obsessed with all things Splatalot emoticon).

The best thing would be if they retry the show in a year or two with a more variable course, but I doubt we'll see that happen now!

Keshi Heads
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