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posticon Wipeout/Sasuke Site Extensions

If you didn't know, we DO have websites dedicated to Wipeout and Sasuke!: [sign in to see URL] and [sign in to see URL].

I love those sites, but, because Dan lost interest in both shows and time to update the sites, they are unfinished.

So I plan on finishing both of those sites soon, but (because I can't access the websites to edit and would have no clue what I was doing anyway emoticon ) on the forum. I will likely post the Sasuke guide in the NW section, but not so sure about the Wipeout one. Maybe I'll just post both of them in the Other Shows section?! emoticon We'll see, and suggestions are always welcome on that!

Now just wish me luck in sounding unbiased while describing Smackwalls obstacles and things like the Backstream and Rolling Steel on Sasuke emoticon

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