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Titan Games

I thought I'd already made a topic for this months ago, but looks like I haven't!

Well, it started last Thursday on NBC with a double-bill and then I think it goes to single weekly episodes.

They did actually change some obstacles between episodes! But I just didn't like it that much overall. It's probably because I'm more into obstacles/quickly changing challenges and the repetition throughout most games. I had a lot of trouble sitting through episode 2, which had all-new games emoticon

Mount Olympus is the only good thing about this show and even then it's unoriginal. We've seen a tower on Ninja and Beastmaster (and Splatalot emoticon ) and this is obviously a rip-off of ANW (can I say that or not, it is on the same channel?! emoticon ). I highly doubt it'll change either, though the idea of having to punch the holes in the paper wall to climb it is easily the best idea on this show emoticon

And it's never a good sign when they begin with the stories and that kinda immediately made me nervous for the show. When the stories are more brutal to watch than the obstacles, it's a real shame.

And I hate the constant talk of these people "Deserving a platform to showcase their athletic superiority." Really? There are MANY other shows that present athleticism in a much better way and don't just focus on one tiny aspect (for example: pole-vaulting at the beginning of episode 2). It's not really an all-around test for the competitors.

Also, the hosting situation reminds me of Spartan's, which is never a good sign. Two both hosts and two on-field hosts. Plus you hardly ever see them (especially the sideline woman). And most of what they say is just silly stuff about how great the course is. It's not like Wipeout where they cover the bad obstacles up with a good/fun atmosphere.

People will like it, and it'll probably get a second season, but it's just not for me

Keshi Heads
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