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I'm just making this topic as a simple way to remember/credit which members won which games. Like Dan used to do on the site almost 14 years ago emoticon emoticon

Anyway, here's the board!:

Week #1: BlueMantis, "Draw a Blank"

Week #2: BlueMantis, "Eggs-pedition Impossible"

Week #3: miamigirl, "Kesh'Phrase"

Week #4: Takeshi1, "Keshi Konundrums"

Week #5: sour sushi, "What Happens Next?"

Week #6: Takeshi1, sour sushi, Zaku II, "Steal or No Steal - Halloween"

Week #7: sour sushi, "Forum Fortunes"

Week #8: sour sushi, "Monstrous Riddles"

Week #9: sour sushi, "La Semana de los Muertos"

Week #10: *NO WINNERS*, "Play Rope"

Week #11: General Jonnie, "Fun-undrums"

Week #12: General Jackson, "Wits and Wagers"

Week #13: General Jackson, "What Happens Next?"

Week #14: General Jackson, General Jonnie, Takeshi1, "Shed Some Light"

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