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Richard La Bute interview

This one is a short one but a good one.
Richard La Bute appeared in episode 88 of Takeshi's Castle. He had an imfamous blooper during the Beach Boys and Gals Game. Here is his story.

Joshua: Why were you in Japan at the time?
Richard: I was living in Tokyo at the time for business

Joshua: How did you end up appearing on the show?
Richard: OL (Office Ladies) from the Japanese company I was working with arranged our appearance on the show. I don’t remember their names, but they also were contestants.

Joshua: Had you seen the show before you were on it?
Richard: Yes, I watched the show whenever it was on TV. It was very popular in the late 80s

Joshua: Did you speak Japanese or did they provide interpreters for you?
Richard: I speak Japanese

Joshua: What do you remember about the Behind the Scenes of the show?
Richard: Behind the scenes they had a lot of equipment for building the scenerios, a field kitchen for feeding us lunch, and warming areas.
Joshua: Which games did you play and what do you remember about them?
We had a great time. It was filmed outside of Tokyo, wet and cold day. The first event was a capture the flag type of game, I personally captured the flag for our team. I don’t clearly remember the second event, but I got “killed” on the third event, i.e. riding a surf board in a circular course about eight feet above a dug out pond. First you had to successfully jump on the board, then jump over two obstacles and jump onto a station where a show regular waited. This show regular was dressed up like an Indian maiden, he, that is, she pulled up her dress as I jumped off the station, and as I instinctively turned to look and I fell off the board and into the pond below.
Afterward they interviewed the “gaijin’s” (foreigner’s) that is me. The little girl with us told them in Japanese that her papa fell into the pond and it looks very cold. It truly was the best part of the show, even if it was not my daughter.

Joshua: Were you hurt when you fell of the Surfboard?
Richard: No injury to me, but I recall someone got pretty banged up on the giant rollers that day.

Joshua: How long were you there for the filming?
Richard: Most of the day on a Saturday

Joshua: Did you get to meet any of the cast of charachters?
Richard: Only met the “reporter” character wearing the kaki jungle suit and the pith helmet

Joshua: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the experience?
Richard: I rate the experience an 8-9. A favorite memory of my time in Tokyo.

I found the BGMS for
Catch It
Rat Race
Cheese berry hill
Corn cob trip
Roll the dice
End Bell
Bite the bun
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Re: Richard La Bute interview

Thanks for another one, Jose! emoticon

I have to say that, as much as I remember, I'm always surprised how many details the contestants are able to give on their experience 30 years later!

The Flag Down detail made this bit easy to find. Here he is!:

[url][sign in to see URL]
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Re: Richard La Bute interview

Always enjoy reading contestants' interviews, thanks once again.

I believe this is the person at 5:46 [url][sign in to see URL]

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Re: Richard La Bute interview

The dirty little sod.

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