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Takeshi's Castle Saudi Arabia Guessing Game

So the new remake of TC promises to have 50 games (about half of what was on the original show emoticon ), so here's a topic where you can list your choices for the 50 games. These choices can represent what you think should be used or what you think they'll choose to use.

This is just for a bit of fun and in just a bit over a year you'll be able to see how accurate your guesses were emoticon

Without further ado:

1. Avalanche
2. Big Bird
3. Bite the Bun
4. Blueberry Hill
5. Bridge Ball
6. Bridge the Gap
7. Catch It
8. Deep Float
9. Die or Pie
10. Dino Ride
11. Dominoes
12. Dragon Lake
13. End Bell
14. Extinction
15. Fish Food
16. Foot Loose
17. Fortress
18. Go Nuts
19. Grid Iron
20. Home Run
21. Honeycomb Maze
22. Knock Knock
23. Knock Knock II
24. Line Up
25. Match Maker
26. Mud Ball
27. Muddy Waters
28. Mushroom Trip
29. Mud Slide
30. On Yer Bike
31. Pipe Down
32. Poles Apart
33. Prod
34. Rice Bowl Down Hill
35. Ride the Wave
36. Ro-Jim-Bo
37. Roller Derby
38. Roll Out the Barrel
39. Rope
40. Roulette
41. The Runway
42. Show Down (lasers maybe)
43. Show of Hands
44. Skittles
45. Slipped Disks
46. Slippery Wall
47. Slip Way
48. Turtle Hurtle
49. Velcro Fly
50. Uphill Garden

My guesses are based on what seems the most feasible while still including a lot of recognizable choices. Seems impossible that this is going to actually happen, to be honest emoticon
2/Dec/2017, 5:04 am Link to this post Email Messup434   PM Messup434
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Re: Takeshi's Castle Saudi Arabia Guessing Game

I'm going to split mine in to categories:

OBVIOUS(based on popularity and what has been used in the recent remakes):

Skipping Stones
Honeycomb Maze
Slippery Wall
Sumo Rings
Showdown (well, duh!)
Slip Way
Bridge Ball
Mushroom Trip
Final Fall
Knock Knock
Mud Ball


Match Maker
Foot Loose
Flag Down
Line Up
Bite The Bun
Roller Derby


Poles Apart
High Rollers
Wipe Out
Ride The Wave
Rice Bowl Downhill
Bridge The Gap
Single Roller
Grid Iron
Go Nuts Avalanche/Nut Roll

That's 30, will think of the other 20 soon

2/Dec/2017, 5:23 pm Link to this post Email General Jonnie   PM General Jonnie
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Re: Takeshi's Castle Saudi Arabia Guessing Game

1. The berries that roll
2 The four rubber circle that they hop across
3 Skipping Stones
4. Bowling from indonesias
5. The rooms one can run through
6. Rock paper scissors
7. Printing presses one runs across
8 The hands are a little novel o
9. Painting lovely letters on the wall
10 The bridge that shakes maybe
11 the cup rolling down the hill
12 The curved slope that Kacy climbed. I find it novel.

I find it possible.
2/Dec/2017, 6:55 pm Link to this post Email miamigirl   PM miamigirl

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