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Re: Takeshi's Castle Vietnam: Episode 7 (6th May)

Episode 7 Vietnamese show- Yikes! Off to the usual overacting with an opening skit involving Fern's off-key signing and throwing Ninja stars! Great costumes and sets as always.

Now, emoticon it seems like an opera episode. Takeshi and Bok are singing to each other.

10:26 and still no games!14:27 Let the games begin! Slippery wall. Finally at 17:27 after more yakking they start their run to the wall!

Well, after 3 minutes on to the next game. Honey comb maze! Is that rock lightup? It's like the ultimate lightup rock! Is it a Halloween rock? Oh it's just the ;light from my ceiling fan. It's the ultimate We've had three winners so far. What is that a giant tomato in the middle? It looks like a tomato. It's crazy. The tomato doesn't do anything. It's lazy. The tomato is lazy. See he ran through it twice and it didn't move. Four winners! Overacting by the contestant maybe. Five victers! OOnce again the tomato doesn't do anything. Messup remarked that it is a dragon but he is wrong emoticon There used to be more than one landing is that correct? Or they could also continue if they landed on the grass. Six winners! The wallpaper looks like the Slippery Wall. Back to this!

Two minutes and 20 seconds were killed in the castle! Up next is the rocks they run across. This one is the one they just added right?/ But then they ended up removing it for wrestling. This isn't right. The stones will fall. That tower on the poster in the background looks nice. I like the places that give you chips and salsa as you eat He made it! He lost his balance but likes Fern. So does my husband. He overshot! They are eliminating him? That isn't fair. He did good. He went extra distance! That bird in the background is mighty annoying. It wants to sing!! Fern likes him. Isn't she cute? I mean she looks pretty so I like her. That was lousy the girl who went a minute ago. She dipped her foot in at the middle of the pond and then she jumped onto two stones at once and it counted. I would not count this as a success. I would count the guy who went too far. I think it is good. They make lousy decisions. I think the show is funny. It usually has the wholes marked up huh but they are not today. I like the color lights in the bushes. So they just painted plywood and put holes into it. Do they climb up steps to get on it. The scream is creepy. I am less impressed. Is she holding the twig so that they won't see her and she is blended in by the tree. The scream needs to be quieted. I may send an email! That's a creepy looking guy. I like this program. He is swaggering. Are those signs Pac Man. Why are they preventing them from going in the bad one. That's a girl. Is he dead. Is he smoking a cigarette? Don't worry the guards will eat the dead bodies. Are they playing the games again? Oh it's a instant recap? What we're starting over? The pirate is pretty! We have the boat Showdown. Where are the lasers? Is he sick? He looks uncomfortable. Maybe his jacket is tight? He is pretty wide. Do we need to upgrade to a television widescreen? Messup is nervous about this post. He probably thinks the pirate is pretty too though. I am hardly interested. This Show Down is a sweep! It is a sweep! This is too easy! Shakrit should win! Why is Takeshi winning? It is four to zero. Why it be a knockout? I am less impressed. Yes!!! They have scored one point. Is that boat broken? It is polluting the water. They lost. She will become an actor. The pirate. I am finished watching!
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