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Re: Video Games

The classic cars getting me excited are the 1998 McLaren, 2006 Renault and 2007 Ferrari. All championship winners that I was backing in the title fight. The 1998 McLaren is particularly special to me, as 1998 is my 'first' F1 season. Bless you, Mika Hakkinen. I have the Psygnosis 1998 game, which I remember fondly for being my first F1 game, but it's regarded as Psygnosis' worst game. Looking forward to seeing how it handles on the current gen under Codemasters. I can also see how the 2006 Renault differs on a Codemasters game compared to a Sony game in the same way. I would include the 2010 Red Bull in that list, except I've already driven that in the actual 2010 game.

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